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How to block yourself from running some programs
- Block yourself from running some particular programs (for example, games) on Windows 7 using Software Restriction Policy (SRP) without  Domain (AD)
- Keep yourself in Administrators group for everyday tasks

How to do it (images are clickable):
1. Create second administrative account named "Supervisor", add it to Local Administrators

2. Add programs that you want to block into the local computer policy (start gpedit.msc):

3. Open Supervisor user policy (run mmc) and enable (allow) security options, administrative templates (users)
 and local users and computers. Then open gpedit.msc and disable all these options for all other users.

4. Reboot for SRP to take effect.

5. Now change password for Supervisor and give password to a person you trust. Now you cannot run programs that you blocked until you login with Supervisor and change Software Restriction Policy.

P.S. There are still some ways to overcome this protection, but most of them begin with changing the password for Supervisor. If you change this password, the owner of the password will not be able to login to computer and will notice that password was changed.


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